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The New York Times 

Sort of like Studio 54 with chipotle instead of cocaine.
- Frank Bruni, “A Secret Too Dark To Keep” 

Interview Magazine

Delivers the sort of illicit pleasure for which speakeasies are famous. It makes breaking a dietary law or two well worth it.
- Brad Goldfarb, “All The Dish"

Los Angeles Times 

From Day One, it has been Manhattan’s deliberately worst-kept secret. La Esquina is theatrical in the best sense of the word .
- Regina Schrambling, “Just Tell ‘Em Diddy Sent You” 

The New Yorker 

The place is hard to hate; the atmosphere is more congenial and subdued than you might expect, and whatever lingering umbrage the insecure diner may feel can be quickly ameliorated by tequila.

- Nick Paumgarten, “Tables For Two”

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- Timeout NY, “The 22 Best Tacos in NYC” 2022
- Food Network, “Chefs’ Picks: NYC Tacos” 2017
- Purewow, “The 30 Best Taco in NYC, Hands Down” 2022
- Business Insider, “The 50 Best Tacos in America, Ranked” 2015
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