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By day and by night a stylish crowd gathers here on the corner of Lafayette and Kenmare, eager for the fast casual delights delivered muy rapido by the taqueria and the café, or admission to our legendary brasserie below stairs, the tavern in a cavern, a Sexico fusion of elegant funkiness and intimate ambience, a place you could bring your lover or even your mother.

A true New York City rendezvous, staffed by a hardworking familia of artists, entertainers, writers and fighters, a cool mix of bohemian creatives adding extra texture to Esquina’s unfakeable authenticity. Music discreetly rocks the house, and a thousand personal connections bloom, fueled by the sensual effects of extraordinary food, fine wines and high-spirited tequilas.

Now with satellites circling the SoHo mothership, on 55th near Broadway, 73rd and Second Avenue, Moynihan Train Hall, and Bozeman, Montana.