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Esquina Familia

Magical Potions: Keith

Unspool, it's cool. The night is bright!

Magical Potions: Daniel

Rum is for dummies and gin taste funny. Whiskey is too sour. Tequila has the power!

Magical Potions: Michele

An ocean of commotion in every shot!

Magical Potions: Mariah

Drink up. Unwind. It's Tequila Time!

Magical Potions: Manny

Take a shot. Why not? Tequila will heal you!

Magical Potions: Felipe

The night is bright! First shot will hit the spot.

Magical Potions: Sean & Aidee

What's the brand that rings your bell?

Magical Potions:Max Blagg

This ain't no Harvey's Bristol Cream. This be your Tequila dream.

Magical Potions: Juan Cortez aka "Mucho Macho"

Tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM! La Esquina Tequila

Magical Potions: Johnny Castro

Wax your thorax with a shot of gold!